The majority of this article and the hours wasted writing, were basically for nothing.

Turns out, Android Studio supports assigning BOTH:

  • android:actionLayout AND
  • app:actionLayout

to a menu item.

I think we can all agree that this is absolutely HORRID. Supporting identical attributes that differ only by namespace is all…

Android continues to amaze me, and not in the good way.

For a few years now, Android has supported data binding between layouts and Activities/Fragments.

Now, the Android team has introduced View Binding, a library that sounds nearly identical, but implements no data binding of any type, and (surprise, surprise)…

Quite unfortunately, Vuetify form validation effectively arrives “broken” out of the box. Here, I’ll explain the problem and suggest a solution.

The Problem

ALL Vuetify form inputs are immediately/eagerly validated (on blur) — and they shouldn’t be.

The worldwide industry standard for form validation (for at least the past decade or so)…

Preface: If you’ve read any of my Android articles, you already know how I feel about the worst SDK on Earth. This is the article that really crystallized my opinion. In my frustration, I crafted what has become the top answer on Stack Overflow for hiding the soft keyboard in…

Let your daily dose of Android insanity commence.

Edit 2021

This article was originally written many years ago. Thankfully, it’s now considerably easier to control the width and height of your DialogFragment. Sadly, it still must be done programmatically. …

Short rant: Google has a dream. A terrible, monomaniacal dream. Material Design portends the worldwide unification of both the aesthetic and language of design . Never-mind that the design itself is rooted the absolute human travesty that is flat design. What about the hubris of imposing a single design upon…

A cursory perusal of today’s Android landscape is likely to turn up all manner of exciting new features that promise to improve your life as an Android developer.


First and foremost, there’s Kotlin. The “new sexy” and language de jeur for working with the JVM. Kotlin offers a superior development…

Warning: severe rant ahead. Future articles will focus on providing helpful tutorials that solve problems. This one, not so much.

The Android SDK is really the worst thing on Earth. It’s absolutely horrifying.

In my twenty years of professional development experience, I’ve never experienced anything like the Living Hell that…

Robert Mirabelle

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